MPack provides packaging for a better future

Polyethylene tube packaging is currently one of the most commonly used by the manufacturers of cosmetics, food, medicine and household chemicals.

It enjoys great popularity because it effectively protects products against moisture, microorganisms or gases, extending their shelf-life. In addition, it allows for economical packaging of products and safe delivery to the most distant corners of the world.

Instead of turning away from plastics, we should use them responsibly. Innovative technological solutions available today enable the production of eco friendly tube packaging from ecological polymers, which are fully recyclable. What is more, the production process of recycled plastic tubes allows for maximum reduction of the negative impact of the production process on the environment and for the rational use of its resources. That is why we have decided to include PCR and sugar cane tubes in our offer.

produced from raw material recovered as a result of recycling plastic from household waste from the European Union
100% recyclable
available with a PCR content ranging from 20% to 100% in mixtures with conventional polyethylene
available diameters: from 19mm to 50mm for volumes ranging from 8ml to 250ml
bodies available in MONO and COEX variants

PCR plastic Tubes

Recycled plastic tubes

The PCR plastic tubes (recycled plastic regranulate) we use is provided by a certified supplier.

The material is sent to us from a specially selected waste source, generated by households located in the European Union.

Sugar cane tubes


The production of the eco-polyethylene we use is associated with the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – the production of each kilogram of this material means absorbing 3.09 kilograms of CO2 from the air.

In addition, as much as 80% of the energy needed to produce eco friendly squeeze tube comes from renewable energy sources! By using sugar cane tubes, we make a real contribution to reducing the greenhouse effect and protecting nature!

made from a minimum of 96% eco-polyethylene obtained from sugar cane
available in mixes: SOFT, STANDARD and HARD, with diameters from 19mm to 50mm for 8ml – 250ml volumes
bodies available in MONO or COEX variant
they retain the properties of conventional polyethylene tubes and do not require special filling or sealing equipment, they are 100% recyclable
they do not contain BPA (Biosphenol A)

Ready for the future

Requirements of progressing civilization

We offer ecological and recycled tube packaging solutions to meet the growing requirements of the European Union’s waste management policy.

Concern about common future

We focus on the values of sustainable resource management, caring for future generations. We process waste, ensuring protection of the natural environment. We use ecological materials.

“I’M GREEN” logo on your tube

We can put the “I’M GREEN” logo on SUGARCANE tubes made of 96% eco-polyethylene. This is the message and proof for your customers that if they buy your products – they contribute to saving the environment with help of sustainable tube packaging.