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About us

MPACK POLAND – that’s us! We are a family-owned company and a leading manufacturer of packaging for enterprises in the cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical industries across Europe. We are passionate about producing eco-friendly packaging. We specialise in high-quality printed tubes.

With over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, we produce premium tubes, aesthetically pleasing, and exceptionally durable.

We prioritise reliable technologies, maximasing the possibilities of custom packaging while meeting the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.

Our tubes are produced in a factory near Warsaw. We invest in a modern machine park and the latest technologies to ensure the highest quality at a competitive price.



How our tubes are made?


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The first stage of tube production is the extrusion of the tube body with a defined diameter, wall thickness and length.

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We carry out dedicated printing, using all available printing techniques, i.e. silk screen, flexo or offset. The entire printing process takes place on modern machines with very advanced vision control systems.

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The body of the tube is joined to the head, and finally the cap is applied. This entire process is encapsulated in a single hybrid machine. We are the first tube manufacturer in the world to receive this advanced technology.

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